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Company Profile
Welcome to Meter-U, a company that offers an exciting and different way of collecting and processing more than 25 million visits in the UK each year.

Delivering metering services to a growing number of Supply companies around the world, our Clients are interested in output rather than input, so Meter-U exists to manage a highly motivated team and ensure our Client's customers receive the highest quality service.

Originally Freedom Metering Services and part of the Freedom Group of Companies, Meter-U is now a standalone business in its own right and a member of Spice Plc.

Our innovative franchising model, delivers improved performance in metering, at lower cost to our utility clients. We are confident we are setting the standard for metering in the UK and overseas.

Our Headquarters is in Leeds, West Yorkshire and we have established more regional offices to support our network of franchised metering staff.

The name Meter-U reflects the nature of our business, which is customer facing in terms of domestic and business visits on behalf of our utility clients. The relationship is very much "me to you" focused on delivering exceptional, value for money service in the Utilities Market.

Meter-U is already responsible for collecting and processing more than 18 million meter readings in the UK each year, with a remit covering all domestic, industrial & commercial meter reading services.  As our business grows, we will develop further services to support our client's long-term commercial aims.

Meter-U is part of EnServe Group Ltd. | Read CEOs Bribery Statement